Want to manifest better? This one tip is a game changer!

Let’s jump right in.

Q: Do you ever feel scared to say what you really want to say?

So often we are afraid of hearing “no” that we water down what we want to ask for…or worse, we don’t even ask at all.
And then we feel frustrated when the Universe doesn’t deliver.
But the Universe delivers through people.
And if you’re bottling your true desire for fear of hearing a “no” or thoughts like..
“They’ll think I’m weird/silly/selfish/(fill in the blank here)…if I ask THAT”then you’re already capping your level of receiving before you’ve opened your mouth!
This is something I remind my private clients when they are about manifest big and some old moldy fear or doubt creeps in.
If you can remember that when you ask from a place of healthy detachment and confidence-your truth shines through and the other person then gets to hear it and respond from their full truth too. 
And when you leave space for their response, whether it’s yes or no, or “I have questions for you before I answer this,” you know it will unfold from the highest-frequency place.
That is a recipe for exceptional two-way communication that leaves the door open for magic and the unexpected. 
Q: So, what’s something important want to ask someone this week?
Or even to yourself?
Are you willing to create space for a yes, a no, or whatever the response is, trusting the the Universe is taking care of you, but you need to take the first step and speak your truth?
If so and you want to really ramp up the energy this week, here’s your challenge: Put your hand on your heart and say “I am willing to make a bold request this week and trust that I am fully supported!”
The more you practice, the easier it gets.
And so it is.
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