Ever worried that you aren’t good enough to be in a relationship? True story + Soul tip below!

You may have heard the saying, “Your thoughts create your reality.”

Today I want to share a story with you from a woman named Sandi. It’s about the power of your thoughts, the power of self-inquiry and the decision to be powerful and loving to yourself no matter what crazy shi& happens. Note: *all names has been changed for privacy


Sandi is a smart, beautiful, loving woman. She was in a relationship with a man named Jim that was getting progressively more serious and she shared with me that one of her biggest fears was that he would find “someone better” than her, be swept off their feet and that they would want to leave her.

“I know, I know” she’d say. “It’s silly, but he’s so wonderful and I feel like there is going to be someone prettier, smarter and more attractive than me that is just going to make him question why he’s in this.”

But, from all the conversations we had had, it sounded like this guy really adored her and that she had nothing to worry about. But still, when we would talk, the deeper into the relationship she got, the stronger that fear would pop up and she’d worry and worry aloud, wondering about the day when the other shoe was going to drop and he’d leave her for someone else.It was a story that she seemed very certain of and each time she told it, it never really varied, although outwardly, everything seemed to be going just fine.


A Few Months Later

Well, a few months later, that’s exactly what happened. He left her for another woman and is now married to her and living the life she dreamed about. Now, I share this story because Sandi is an incredibly resilient, self-reflective woman and although it was an incredibly painful experience, she learned a valuable lesson that I hope inspires you to look at in your own life, relationships and otherwise.

“The thoughts that you keep giving energy to are the ones that will create your reality.”Now, was it all on her that her worst nightmare manifested?


Who knows what was happening with the guy in question or what was happening behind closed doors.

The Ah-Ha

But the part that I wanted to share with you is what happened within her. She saw that she although she couldn’t control him or what he was going to do, she DID have responsibility over her predominant thoughts and energy.

And upon reflecting on what happened, she got clear. It was a huge Ah-Ha that applies to any area of your life where you are afraid or feeling insecure.

“I was putting coins in the piggy bank called I’m Not Good Enough and I could have been feeding the bank, I AM Good Enough and Then Some. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to realize what I was doing, but now I’m cleaning up how I talk to myself!”

She realized how truly powerful our thoughts are and instead of putting energy into her fears, she started using that newfound energy to daydream and visualize  a version of herself that believed she was more than enough for a man (or anything for that matter!)

Last time I spoke to her, she said she felt like a fog had lifted, she was actually smiling again and with the mental and physical energy she now had, she was actually looking forward to planning a long-awaited trip, which she had been putting off for a long time.


Your Weekly Soul Lesson:

I’ll say it a few different ways. Use what works and leave the rest!

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