A new perspective on feeling lost…the GPS theory

Diana DorellCredit: Peek Photography

Diana Dorell
Credit: Peek Photography

“Life is like a compass. It shows you where you are going, but not how to get there.”

-someone brilliant (I read it in a book last week and honestly can’t remember! if you find out, let us know!)


Wow. When I read that, something just lit up for me.


Have you ever found yourself obsessing about the “how” when it comes to a relationship?


-How and when am I going to meet him?

-How will I know if he’s really over his ex like he says?

-How do I know if this is actually going to go anywhere or if he’s going to break my heart again?


How. How. HOW. Gosh we are obsessed, aren’t we?


Trying like hell to get the freakin compass of life to somehow miraculously turn into a GPS with the full on step-by-step zoom in, zoom out feature and George Clooney’s voice guiding us.


In our technology, socia media-crazed world, we are so used to getting immediate, instantaneous information that especially for the Type-A freaks like me, it’s helpful to remember that when it comes to your intuition and your internal guidance system with the Universe, it’s about going back to the basics. The opposite of a GPS approach.


It’s about:

-slowing down and being okay with stillness even in a busy world (your intuition speaks in subtle frequencies, not 140 characters or less.)


-knowing what you want or the feeling behind what you want, (clarity is important. otherwise your arrow will be spinning out and you will be very dizzy and frustrated!) and


-staying open and trusting enough to head into the wilderness to figure out if it’s getting you closer or taking you further away from True North. (aka what you most want.)

When you try to control the “how,” I find that that’s usually the point where we will experience:







And basically, we go into our head and our intuition can’t reach us all the way up there.


So, here’s my invitation to you. It’s a bit open-ended and unlike a lot of my other posts, this isn’t about a step-by-step solution but more of a chance to explore this sense of ease and grace that comes when you stop controlling the how. It’s about following one nudge you’re getting. Just one. And with the approach of your life being like a compass, are you open to experiment with seeing where that one nudge takes you?


Guiding question:

1) Where have you been trying to control the “how?” pick one specific situation in your life. (the first one that comes to mind is perfect!)

2) If you weren’t feeling helpless/confused/lost/worried/scared, etc, what is ONE nudge or insight you have about your situation that could help you let go and be more like the compass?

3) Go do that and report back! I double dare you!


Have a great week and if you’d like to explore further, consider booking a Soul reading for yourself!

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