3 steps to surviving wedding season

Welcome to June gorgeous!

Diana DorellCredit: Peek Photography

Diana Dorell
Credit: Peek Photography

The month of tulips, flip-flops….and weddings.

 If you are unattached and have a burning desire to be with someone and have the big wedding, the family and the whole shabang and you don’t have it yet, the month of June can make you want to:

A. give up going to to mailbox for fear of getting yet another dreaded “You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of X and Y” invite

B. change your name or

C. move to Morocco. (think Kate Hudson in Almost Famous)

 Luckily, I’ve got you covered this summer with 3 simple golden nuggets to keep things in perspective. (yes, I don’t care what the heck you think fickle NYC. in my head, it’s summer. get the memo!) ps: If you are already hitched or with someone, these 3 golden nuggets apply to any area of your life where you feel like someone has something you don’t have but want.

#1 Let yourself feel all your feelings….even the unpleasant ones.

So often we want to go straight to the “I’m SOOO happy for her! OMG, congratulations! It’s all good! I’m fine. Sending love and light. I forgive myself and then for XYZ, etc” but that’s bull shi&*, isn’t it? Because unless you process the feelings that are coming up right NOW in the moment, then they are bound to come up again, usually in a different setting. So….check in with what’s coming up inside of you and create a healthy time and space to sit with them without distracting yourself. Rage? Cool. Rage it out. Sadness? Cry it out. Numb? Don’t fight it. Notice it. But remember this: your feelings are information but  they never define you unless you let them. They will come and go, but they just want to be heard, like a two-year old. Once you pay attention to them, then they eventually don’t care and they move on. Patience, sister. Feel it.


#2 Identify the sensation you really want

Let’s say you really want to be in a relationship and your best friend just told you she’s engaged. You’ve done step 1 and raged or cried. Next step is to really sit with your now cleansed self and ask, “Okay what specifically about being in a relationship (or whatever situation it is that you don’t have yet)  do I crave?” Listen. This may not come right away. Maybe it’s partnership because you just feel lonely. Maybe it’s sex because dang it, you have needs and it’s been awhile. Maybe it’s social acceptance or attention because you feel like you have been unappreciated or unnoticed. Identify the sensation. Because that’s what you are REALLY after. Then ask, “What is one activity I could add into my life that would also give me that sensation?” Maybe you go buy a vibrator, or you enter a contest at the mall,  or you start volunteering at Big Brother/Big Sister to be in a partnership. (These are just examples).


#3  Remember this: It takes one to know one

The old saying is true. Be happy when you get a wedding invitation (after you’ve done steps 1 and 2 fully!) or a friend shares her success with you. Because birds of a feather flock together and it is evidence in the third-dimensional material world that what you really want is perhaps much closer than you may realize. The energy is already swimming around you so to speak. So celebrate the presence of love in your space! The more you can genuinely celebrate, look for and share the love that is already within you right now and in your environment, the more of a magnet you are for the Universe to send you some wonderful things. And yes, that includes a fabulous partnership. All in Divine timing. 


Now it’s YOUR turn:

How have you dealt with getting wedding invites in the past or seeing friends get what you really want but don’t have yet? Any words of wisdom for someone who may be feeling like hiding this June? Share it with us if you feel so inclined!

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