full moon in luscious taurus…your message inside!

Happy Wed and…full moon!

This is such a vibrant week and relationships take the spotlight.

Full Moon in Taurus mixed with Uranus, planet of “doing things differently” is the quintessential odd couple.

Taurus is a sign of stability, steadiness and the material world-tangible things like your worldly possessions, money, “stuff”, body/sex joins the planet Uranus, the wacky planet of the unconventional, taking risks and being different…. to do different.

Time to:

  • Experience a different reality, a different dimension, a different way of moving in the world.
  • Stake your claim. Taurus says, “What stake do you want to put in the ground? Where do you need to take a stand for yourself?”
It’s that area that has felt like the thorn in your side, your Achilles hell, the area of your life that you feel like you keep trying to make progress only to slip back into your old ways.
  • Commit fully. 
This Full Moon is THE time to finally say to yourself, “Enough is enough! I’m committed, fully committed and Uranus is there to say, Wohooo!! Now let’s get to work…but let’s go about it a totally different way than you did before.”
Ex: maybe you’ve struggled with emotional eating like I have! (hello brownies and carbs!!!) instead of going on an extreme diet or clearing out your cabinets, it’s about going much deeper. Finding a bigger, more compelling reason to stay the course. Not just to “lose weight” but maybe to “find peace with your body and your worry thoughts.” 

From that higher vibe intent, actions will show themselves, insights reveal themselves and you can make headway, not just for the short-term but for the long haul (Taurus is all about things that last!)

Here is the card I pulled for everyone this week: song of the wild.

This week you are invited to try new and exciting things that take you outside your comfort zone. It’s not the time to play it safe! If you’ve been desiring a fresh start this is your nudge to create it and give yourself permission to move beyond the borders you are familiar with. Magic and Divine synchronicities abound this week! Take a chance and mix it up. You’ll be glad you did. ✨🙏🏽❤️ 

Zoom 44455878_10155869178542361_1318333335264559104_o.jpg

Want more?

I am hosting a virtual Full Moon Meditation/Healing Night tomorrow (Thursday, October 25) at 6pm PST! 

Zoom inner medicine woman.JPG

*Can’t make it live but want to receive the recording? Sign up!


  • lift off stuck, heavy energy from the previous cycle
  • feel light, clear and positive no matter crazy stuff has been going down in your life
  • receive a group Angel message for this full moon (applies to everyone in all time zones!)
  • connect with like-minded Souls!
  • feel more peaceful and centered. I will be guiding you on a vision journey and energy healing experience!
Where? Your phone! After you register, we will be emailing you a conference call number to access the call. 


Go here to RSVP

Much Love and Have a fantastic week!


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