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Today is Q+A, where I take your questions and share insights to help our entire community.

Today’s question: “The guy that just recently broke up with me wants to meet up with me. He made a point to let me know it would be “just as friends,” which is really confusing because I still love him. If he’s truly over me, why does he even want to meet? I’m torn-what should I do?”

Ah, the mixed message dilemma.

This is a valid question-when someone you still love shares that they want to meet up in person, especially if it’s a recent breakup, it can feel like a dance between false hope (maybe they’ll change their mind and realize how awesome you are) and Ego revenge (how dare he even think I would consider going!)

But it’s not so black and white with matters of the heart.

Here’s my suggestion

What would you suggest? Leave a comment!

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