how to deflect negativity (this works!)

Hello from the SF Bay Area!

I’m here choreographing for a childrens’ music camp in Berkeley and having so much fun. Just in the 48 hours I’ve been here, it’s been night and day from the quiet desert in terms of noise, people and a much faster pace. 

Have you ever been in an environment where you felt like you were picking up everyone’s vibes or a city’s vibe, from the super creative vibes to the stressful vibes of other people’s anxiety, ambition, etc?

If you are also empathic, learning tools to take care of and protect your sensitivity is vital!

Today I’m delighted to share with you another tool that you can use to deflect negativity.

It’s great to:

  • release weird vibes from your mental, physical and emotional/spiritual body
  • calm your monkey mind
  • reduce anxiety 
I call it the RTS.

Click here to listen and learn it!

Love and Blessings,
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  1. Dorel Vanegas
    Dorel Vanegas says:

    On a daily basis in an office and home environment I absorb a lot of energy even in texts that I feel overwhelmed. I adapted your Return to Sender technique and there is a lightness that follows as though I have literally released all the buzz and energies down the shower drain and am refreshed to be me, myself and I in quiet repose. Thank you for sharing that simple yet effective tool.


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