how to surrender…true story inside

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you tried to know what was next, the Universe continually threw you curve balls so that all you could do was kind of throw up your hands and give up trying to mastermind the whole thing?

That is the exact space I have found myself in the last few days.

Portland is in a declared “state of emergency” with unexpected freezing rain, iced roads and snow…which wouldn’t matter if we were equipped with a plethora of snow ploughs like those of you on the east coast. But here, this kind of weather happens once every ten years. So…everyone’s freaking out a bit.

It’s brought up all sorts of unexpected mayhem and cabin fever. And everyone’s core personalities and fears and idiosyncrasies. Being a people person and a homebody, I’ve quite enjoyed it.

  • The woman cursing at her dog to just “go potty already!” so she can get out of the cold (I’ve been that woman a few times!)
  • The kids who take the top off garbage cans and slide down the icy snow, totally unfocused on potential danger-school’s out, who cares?!!!
  • The die-hard-I-don’t-care-what-the-weather-is, hoodie, short-wearing Portlandians who go jogging alongside the cars with chains on the front wheels.

And it got me thinking, life is really like that.

You may find yourself in a space right now in your life where you are invited to just SLOW down.

To surrender to the void of the present.

To be challenged to see the gift in not knowing it all.

To keep on truckin and to find metaphorical garbage can tops to slide down those pesky hills and bumps with.

To commit to FUN and joy no matter what presents itself.

That is control-controlling how we let the weather (external or internally) dictate how you think and talk about yourself and your life.

Because it can change day to day, moment to moment.

So, the choice is yours: will you sink into the void of surrender or flail about trying to manage the entire Universe?

I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and share your thoughts 🙂

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