i thought i was crazy…

Happy Wed!

Have you ever felt this battle between your head and your heart?

Especially in relationships, that tennis match can seem to go on and on, leaving you to second-guess your decisions, or worse, just not making any decision and staying stuck and confused.

But if you’ve been wanting to find that sweet spot where you are trusting and following your gut, you’ve got to learn how to get out of your head.

When I first learned about the power of developing your intuitive muscles in dating (and in anything really!), I couldn’t wait to teach it to others.

If you tend to be type A and always in your head, but want to start trusting yourself, this tool is a great starting point.

It will help convince your brilliant logical mind that you are in fact, NOT crazy and it can take a latte break.

Click below to listen:

Have a fantastic week!

ps: Want to learn more about how to trust your intuition to become a master decision-maker? Check out Bullet Proof Intuition self-study course in my online shop (on sale for a limited time!)

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