Is it your intuition or wishful thinking?

Great news! Mercury retrograde is officially over. It’s time to put the past where it belongs so you can move forward to a very creative new cycle!

Part of what this new cycle calls for is that you trust yourself. And trust your intuition to guide you through important decisions that no doubt will be coming up for you to address.

This week, I’d love to share a simple question you can ask to discern if a message is really from your intuition… Or if it’s something else trying to confuse you like fear!

Clarification: After I shot the video I realized that I was a bit unclear!

Spirit may say something such as “Pay attention to how you feel around this person.” or even “It may be time to stop X.” But it will never use the word or phrase, “DON’T do X!”

It may not be time yet for you to know what is next if you are given a directive like above to consider stopping something, but it will always be presented in a gentle, emotionally-neutral delivery, even if the news is uncomfortable or unexpected!

Hope that helps and now over to you:

This week’s Soul question: Have you ever received a “hit” that you weren’t sure was your intuition? What happened and what did you learn from that? Leave a comment!

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