Live Stream Video: How to Raise the B-A-R in your life (3 easy steps)


The live-stream video below is from my recent talk in New York City at the State of Now Conference!

You’ll get to hear my 10 minute talk on “How to Look for Love in All The Right Places!”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1, hands-down BEST Pick-Up Line you’ve ever heard (fellas, are you taking notes?)
  • The 3 top strategies to creating authentic, lasting relationships (you can use for business or personal)
  • Proof that Angels really do exist (true story)

Important NOTE: The guy in purple that you see is the Founder and Organizer of the event, Jeff Keni Pulver.

My talk is right after his brief introduction. And if you have time, you’ll want to watch the guy on AFTER me too. His name is Ted Rubin and he is a single, divorced dad of two teenage daughters and shares powerful insights to bridge parenting as well as cherishing moments and creating lasting friendships.



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1. What is ONE actionable tid-bit you got from the video above?

2. What helps YOU get through negative self-talk?

Post your insights on here! I’d love to hear from you.

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