magical june! (message for you)

Happy Wednesday!

As we round out May and march into the light, magical energy of June, what has been released from your life?

What or who do you need to forgive to float freely into a new chapter of your story?

We are still knee-deep in the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon which highlights travel, social connections and cut the B.S, truth-telling 101.

It’s not always pretty, but truth is powerful!

It only by telling the truth, first to yourself that you create space for your deepest desires to not just come into your life, but to STAY in your life consistently.

June has the potential to bring forth opportunities to complete, to bring goals to fruition and best of all, to do it from a space of fun, lightness and grace! 

I’ve pulled the following card for you + also recorded an in-the-moment reading as I was looking at this for you!

Click below to hear the audio.


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Love, Blessings and Infinite Joy and Fun!


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