Your 2014 Message + The Key to Surviving New Years’ Eve


In this PACKED video of spiritual insight, you will learn:

*How to handle feelings of anxiety and depression as we approach New Years’ Eve (especially if you are single!)

*The secret to manifesting love after trying online dating and failing that rarely gets talked about

*A tried-and-true success principle from 1919 that will change your life and your relationships!

*The one thing you MUST do if you want to stay on track in 2014

*The themes of 2014 and what you expect for the year ahead

*A fun invitation to help you manifest your dreams in 2014 with me!


ps: Last call to join me for the January Goddess Tribe! It’s all about Freedom and finding your Flow in the midst of challenges. It’s not too late. If you’re ready to manifest with grace and ease in the power of a group setting, this is for you! I will be teaching principles that I have used to manifest many miracles in my life including: a fully paid-for trip to Florence, Italy in the height of the summer, the perfect place to live in exactly the price range, location and feel that I wanted, unexpected sums of money and much more!  Check it out here + join us!


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