Happy new month!

Are you ready for new beginnings and reveals? 

November’s theme is Balance.

Here in the States, it’s election week and the energy is a bit chaotic, but despite all the unknown, this month still holds so much potential for transcendence, transformation and shining a spotlight on what’s really, really important to you…and what just isn’t anymore. 

When it comes to relationships and love, you’ll see the following themes pop up: 

  • power (who has it? who leaks it? where can you feel empowered no matter what?) 
  • harmony (boundaries/compromises/letting go altogether) 
  • innovation (what needs to be chucked? what beliefs just don’t serve? where do you need to mix things up?)

Click HERE to watch November’s Goddess Guidance Oracle messages, where I share 4 cards for each week of the month along with some important dates to watch out for. 

P.S: Would you like an anchor and safe space to process what’s coming up for you? Click HERE to explore private spiritual and relationship coaching (includes a complimentary intro call). 

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