People Pleasing Tip #2: Tapping for “Saying No” (Video)

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping” is an effective way to help rewire your neural pathways with thoughts that support you and also free you from the ones that get in your way.

In this video, you will learn:

*The basic sequence of tapping that you can use to clear out beliefs around saying no 

*Identify where “saying no” lives in your body so you can catch yourself before going into a downward emotional spiral!

*Feel lighter, more centered and neutral around saying no and potentially disappointing others.

Just to review:

After you have practiced the Tapping points along the body….

Think of someone you need to say NO to or someone you wish you would said NO to in the past. 

Let it actually register in your physical body, even if it’s very uncomfortable.

What are you feeling?

What emotions come up? Shame? Embarrassment? Fear? Anger?

Name them. Write them down.

Example: When I say no, I feel scared that the other person is going to hate me. 

Tap on it.

  1. Say aloud, “I acknowledge that I feel scared that the other person is going to hate me when I say no.”
  2. Go through each of the tapping points as you say it until you get to the karate chop.

Now turn it around.

“It is safe for me to say no. I am safe. I can stay in my own energy no matter what the reaction.”

Tap on that!

How do you feel?

You’re done!!

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