The #1 excuse I hear that keeps you stuck + 3 signs to know you are in resistance

What you resists, persists.

You may have heard that before.

It’s true. Quick story for you!

I was speaking with a woman who is extremely intuitive. She’s smart. Funny. Beautiful. And on more than one occasion, she’s said, “I really want to find a man who gets me. I wonder if that’s ever going to happen.” So, I reply with, “Well, what have you done so far to put yourself out there so he can find you?” Her reply? I could feel the energy shift immediately and her tone even changed and I knew what was coming next because I’d said it a thousand times to myself before too. “Oh, I mean, of course I want a relationship, but right now, I’m focusing on building my business. Right now, I’m <launches into endless tirade of important business goals, etc” Hmmmm…..

One word folks: RESISTANCE

Now, as a fellow entrepreneur, I am all too familiar with the whole, “I’m too busy for love…I’m building my business mantra” but I’m here to call B.S on the whole thing.

The truth is you may really scared to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Maybe you got hurt when you did before and you’re afraid it will happen again. I so get that. And building your business IS important. It’s when you’re using it as a shield to not risk opening your heart to intimacy and the possibility of something new that it becomes a block.

To find the love you are truly seeking, the spiritual, sexy, soul-riveting man you want, you are going to have to get past that Egoic resistance in your head that keeps you safe, emotionally-closed off and conveniently too “busy” to make space for love to come into your fabulous sphere! And….the good news is that….

“The more resistance you have, the greater potential you have for love to come in when you break through it!” CLICK HERE TO TWEET THAT!


Just when you’re on the brink of going after what you really want in love, you’re feeling warm and excited with the possibility of your desire ….and then these signs may pop up to let you know you’re in resistance.

3 Signs to Know You May Be in Resistance:

1. Your breath becomes more shallow (you’re breathing from your upper chest) and you may find it hard to take a full breath. (You’re about to go into your head/logical mind)

2. You rationalize away. You go into your head and tick off all the reasons why something else is more important, why it can’t happen now or why you aren’t “ready” yet. It will seem so real and you may find that your heart rate actually slows down after you rationalize.  (Ego wanting to be safe at any cost)

3. You find yourself judging others who are going for what they want or judging yourself for not being X enough at X. (It’s easier to compare ourselves or berate ourselves for not being perfect than actually take a risk and possibly look ridiculous). 

The good news is that once you catch yourself doing any of the three things above, you have an awesome opportunity to close your eyes, breathe deeply, stop and make a new choice to take a step closer to what you want, even if it’s scary!

I Believe in YOU. 

Now I want to hear from YOU: Have you ever used “I’m too busy” or work as an excuse to not put yourself out there? Have you ever found yourself in any of the 3 signs of resistance? What are the other ways that we tend to sabotage having awesome relationships? Post your insights! 

Sending you so much love! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Me as Ava Gardner, official man magnet of the ’40s.

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