Divine Timing vs. Body Timing in love and life (essential if you want to manifest BIG!)

Have you ever been in this situation?

You just created this MASSIVE manifestation: an influx of new clients, more money, a new relationship, a new home or you successfully launched a new product and…your body goes into SHOCK MODE.

Maybe you get the flu, need to sleep more than normal or you get injured.

 And you wonder, “What’s the deal?”

Is it REALLY Divine Timing that your body would give out just as soon after you manifested this awesome thing? Why does that keep happening?

In this video you will learn:

  • A true story about up-leveling my life when my body just couldn’t seem to keep up

  • The difference between Divine Timing and Body Timing

  • What you can do to not beat yourself up for being “unproductive” when your body goes out after manifesting like a mo’fo!


After you watch it, I want to hear YOUR stories! Post them using the Leave a Comment button below!



Take Action: Your Turn

Do you have a story of manifesting someone or something amazing?

Have you ever felt like your body can’t keep up with your manifestations? Share your insights!


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