afraid of losing your freedom in a relationship? this could be why!

Do you want to be an awesome relationship but wonder, “What if I lose myself and my freedom if I actually were to go for it?”


This video is for you!


You will learn:

(4:06 min)

  • how to stop letting the fear of losing your freedom interfere with your ability to find true love (I’m going to teach you how to channel it so it works FOR you not against you!)


  • the block that keeps most intuitive singles from being able to REALLY go for the long-term relationship they keep saying they want (this may surprise you!)


  • 2 soul-level questions you can ask yourself to get unstuck and free up Ego mind chatter


Watch it below! And be sure to post your insights and thoughts by using the Leave a Comment button below the video!


Take Action: YOUR TURN—> How do YOU define FREEDOM? What words are relationship triggers for you? What are your relationship alignment words?


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  1. Tanuja
    Tanuja says:

    Diana! You hit it on the head for me! Most people don’t know this about me, but I’m terrified of losing my freedom in a relationship. You asked how we define freedom: for me, it’s about having my alone time/alone space, not being criticized for who I am and who I want to be, and not losing my SELF. I thought about a word that really freaks me out and that is ‘Forever’. It makes me think of boring and getting pissed off at each other and sex with one person for the rest of my life. And…here’s something unusual – I feel myself feeling this way for the other person in the relationship too, meaning I can’t believe they’d be willing to commit forever – won’t they get bored or annoyed or feel their sex life is lacking? So, maybe it’s double the bad energy?

    Anyway, the way I’ve been attempting to cope with this feeling is that I am what I want from the other person. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to tell someone they need to do something or change something or whatever and I just stop that. I honor who they are and what they want to do and be and I really feel like I’m getting it in return. I’m still in the dating around phase right now, but I definitely notice a difference in the quality of men I’m attracting because I’m trying these exercises.

    Much love always!

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Thanks for sharing this Tanuja! Ah, yes FOREVER can be a major trigger and what an awesome observation you made about how when we carry the energy of that word (or our trigger words), we start treating the other person differently or as if they also have the same fear. Brilliant! Keep up the great work! Love, Diana


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