Happy Wednesday!

The other week, I was listening to a podcast and this came up.

I wanted to share because in any given moment, you can choose to be the heroine in your own story.

Of your family.

Of your community.

It all starts with a choice.

Choosing to elevate your standards for yourself of what is possible and a willingness to go *beyond the baseline* of what society expects.

Beyond your own comfort zone.

Beyond your own limitations based on past experiences.

You can choose at any moment-are you going to choose to be the hero/heroine of your own life?

And as that hero/heroine, if you were already BE-ing them right now, which you in fact, can choose to be, what actions would you take?

What would you require from yourself?

What would require from your relationships?

What would you allow in that you’re resisting?

Grab a journal.

Have a go at the questions above if you wish to go deeper.

And hit reply and share what came up if you’re guided.

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