the paradox of nurturing

Happy Wed!

If you’ve been in my world awhile you’ve heard me speak on feminine and masculine energy.

When you have two people in their masculine or two in their feminine, the energy is neutralized and it’s often at this point when people call me saying things like:

“He used to pay all this attention to me and now he treats me like a roommate…

or “We stopped having sex and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

or…”This girl I was seeing for a few dates totally went hot and cold on me.”

Not always, but often, it comes down to polarity and energy.

When it comes to romantic relationships, the thing that makes the spark stay alive is polarity, or the energy of opposites.

And contrary to what most people believe, nurturing is actually a masculine task, not a feminine energy one.

It is giving energy and when you’re giving too much, you’re setting yourself up to be put in a “neutral”/mother role vs. a partner role.

But it’s a delicate dance.

You don’t want to never nurture or give the impression that you are unemotional and uncaring.

But you also don’t want to over-nurture and end up being the “mommy.”

Today’s Q+A comes from Rachel: “Where is the line between nurturing and over-functioning in my masculine energy with a man? Is it never okay to nurture, even if my man is sick?”

Play the audio below to hear my answer:

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