Video: Simple daily exercise to get stronger messages from your intuition

Q: How do I feel more confident about the messages I’m getting from my gut feelings and intuition?

A: Training yourself to trust and follow your intuition is a muscle that anyone can get better at. It’s like going to the gym. Practice, positioning your body in the right alignment and most of all, confidence even when you’re just starting out is important.

Want to learn a simple daily exercise that can dramatically increase your confidence around intuition?

I offer this exercise to my clients and in the beginning of my own spiritual journey, I found it to be invaluable and I’d love to pass it on to you!

In the short training video below you will learn:

  • the secret to getting stronger intuitive messages (it’s simple but most of us miss it because we try to complicate everything!)
  • the biggest thing getting in your way of trusting your gut feelings
  • my ridiculously simple daily tip that can up your chances of getting an accurate message for yourself (consider it your spiritual reps!) 

Did you watch it? If YES, here’s your Soul challenge:

“Do you struggle with not trusting yourself? What has helped YOU? Share your wisdom with us in the comments below!”

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