Want to be adored? Stop doing this!

“How can I get my husband to appreciate me more?”


“I work so hard, and feel like no one seems to even notice.”


“Money comes into my life and it seems to go out just as fast? Why?”


Appreciation. Acknowledgement and Financial Abundance.


Those are the three biggest things that I hear people talking about CONSTANTLY.


How can we get more of THAT?


It’s easy.


Get a pen.


This is super deep.


Are you ready?


My million dollar answer. This is going to make me famous. And it’s going to make you rich and adored.


Here it is: Stop complaining. Not just out loud. But even inside your own head. Just stop it!


It’s so easy to say but between all the media negativity and outside energies, it can be really challenging to put into practice.


But if what you want is a better, richer life with a loving man (or woman) by your side plus the Benjamins in the bank, this is a non-negotiable spiritual law.


The Law (in my own words for you is):


“The strongest energy ALWAYS wins. We all have light and Shadow sides to our psyche, our thoughts and most importantly to the vibration we choose to put out into the world. Whichever energy is dominant is the one that will be responsible for manifesting whatever it is you see in your external reality.” Period.


Are you with me?


So, my invitation to you? Go on a COMPLAINING fast. For the next 24 hours. I double triple dare you!


This is harder than it appears. You’d be surprised how many times you may catch yourself complaining in passing and if you do complain, each time you catch yourself, I want you to:




2. Close your eyes.


3. Breathe in and out and say “I now choose to stop cutting off my financial  flow” (Even if your finances are in awesome shape, there’s something really tangible that hits home when we use the word “financial flow.” But feel free to substitute your own power statement here so that it feels authentic for you and what you want to create more of.


Take Action: Your Spirit Challenge!


1. Will you be a part of our Spirit challenge this week?

If you are a YES, post a YES in the “Leave a Comment” section on here! I want to cheer you on!


2. Prizes!

After your 24 hours are complete (Deadline to post is Friday, April 12) , for anyone who posts a comment with 1-3 sentences of how the Complaining Challenge positively affected your day, I will be emailing a fun prize to!

Note: You MUST post with your full email address or I won’t know where to send your freebie!


3. If you want to learn more about getting respect and feeling adored and understood in your relationships with family, friends and lovers, I HIGHLY recommend my new audio course, Find Your Spirit, Find Yourself. Check it out here: www.URintuitive.com/realms2.html


Have a Blessed week and thank you so much for reading!


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      • Jenny
        Jenny says:

        Thanks Diana,

        So I’ve had two complaints try to come up in my mind since then. One just before going to sleep as my mind was switching off so I did the mantra and felt good. Next was this morning before starting a new project I nearly felt myself complain that “was I really good enough for this anyway” so stopped myself and said the mantra again. Although I had forgotten it so made up a new one! But after reading yours I do love it because it makes you immediately realise “no I don’t want to complain as I don’t want to cut off my financial flow at all!!”

        Stop those sneaky thoughts complaining!

        • dianadorell
          dianadorell says:

          Hi Jenny!
          Hahah! Good for you for catching yourself and not letting a little thing like forgetting the mantra stop you from going for it. Keep up the awesome work and look out for a special little gift soon. xo

  1. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Yes! Since having run- with my flatmate yesterday I have done nothing but complain to myself about her and I only thought earlier, this has to stop. Am ona date with myself now, in a perfectly beaeutiful, Harborside location and am still bitching and moaning…not a great wag to attract my future man! So yes, yes,yes!

  2. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Eek typos on my phone!

    Just had to share that as soon as I posted that comment, the waiter asked the man behind me, ‘How are you, mate?’ And the man responded, ‘Yeah, can’t complain!’ Love it.

  3. Dorel
    Dorel says:

    Me, Myself and I all CHOOSE to remove the word complain from my mind and mouth and replace it with GRATEFUL and LOVE. I commit to applying this same promise at work. I will let you know how it goes.

    • Dorel
      Dorel says:

      My work week was not only productive but I was able to address a very important matter regarding a safety measure change to the workplace that had been overlooked by management staff. I found myself just appreciating what I have and loving to live without complaining. My six rose bushes at home have also bloomed beautifully. A simple form of love and attention yields positive outcomes in any scenario at home or at work and with people in general. Thank you.

  4. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Hi Diana and all here, so the 24 hours are more than over for me but I have kept this up today as am finding it super useful. What I noticed was the difference in my energy once I had stopped complaining, breathed and said the mantra. My energy was breezier, lighter, more fun, whereas the complaining made me feel serious and heavy. So, a good exercise to keep doing in the future! Gracias.

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Hi Caitlin! Awesome-so for you it’s an ENERGY level thing which is so important for attracting your future soulmate <3 Fun and breezy and light-all things that attract magnetic relationships! Keep it up and look out for a little gift in the nxt few days. xo

  5. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    My 24 hours is up and past. Doing this exercise has helped me feel more relaxed and calm and to know all is well. On 4-9-2013 before i went to the computer i was told by Spirit that my answers were on its way. I know it was you sending me this exercise for me to do. Love you Diana.

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    For years I have intermittently tried no complaining out loud, but: not in my head? — why not? Even better! It’s just a way of saying “yes!” to whatever shows up on one’s plate. Engage with Life as it is! I adapted the mantra to: “Now, I choose to allow my financial flow,” and follow with a gratitute spurt: recognise a few things for which I’m grateful.

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    Here’s an update. The timing was stellar for me as I really tried the challenge, Friday to Saturday, as it was a rough time emotionally. I was recovering from a (modest) illness, so feeling tired and sore, as well as internally challenged by work and life changes. I was shocked at how often I felt myself mentally complaining, and for hours enjoyed the boost of having a “mental upgrade” all ready to slip into place when I caught myself. Except I was feeling so fussy by late in the day that it felt like I wore out the juice in applying the mantra– it started to feel irrelevant. But maybe I made it that way by feeling down on myself for being so complaining-prone, and I was feeling burnt-out generally. I even started to wonder… maybe, like a little salt, judicious use of just a little conscious complaining can sometimes be helpful! Thanks Diana for the awareness boost.


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