3 Steps to Use Anger to Get What You Want (and manifest like a mo ‘fo!)

Anger can be a powerful way to get what you want, provided it is channeled effectively and without harm to anyone!

In this video, Diana shares:

  • why “faking it till you make it” doesn’t always work
  • how she manifested a lucrative writing gig in less than 24 hours using anger!
  • 3 steps to channel your anger so it works FOR you instead of against you!

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Take Action:

1. What is ONE action or step you can take that SCARES you that you know would help you get what you want?

2. Post it below and let’s support you!

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7 replies
  1. Dorel
    Dorel says:

    A most insightful and different twist in re-directing anger that will help one manifest great rewards emotionally, spiritually and physically. Thank you for this video. I too have this deep rooted desire to write about a variety of topics that would benefit high school students. I need to get really focused perhaps angry about why I have procrastinated about this useful guide book and as you stated JUST DO IT!

  2. Shelby Jean Matonak
    Shelby Jean Matonak says:

    This is great Diana~

    Over the past week, I have angry, frustrated, and at times raging. Sof has even mirrored this back to me w/ 2 wild and crazy tantrums this week. I feel squeezed in all of the areas of my life and finding it hard to find my breath let alone the self care that I really want and don’t have time for.
    My practice for months has been to wake up at 4am to allow myself my writing/journaling/whatever time for myself. I have been dreaming so much at night that I don’t feel rested and I’m unable to get up in the morning.
    This has led to all of those things that I don’t get to do during that time piling up and feeling over-saturated and ready to burst at the seems.
    What I’m most afraid of is what I want the most. I am most afraid to quit my job, but it’s what I want more than anything. My present job is so demanding it doesn’t leave space for my heart’s deepest desires let alone daily self care. I am being squeezed out of my hiding space and exposed for who I really am and what I really want.
    Thank you for this video!
    Much love and blessings!!!

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Shelby!

      So glad you are taking the time to journal and take care of yourself. It is so important!

      As for the job, listen to your intuition. If you do find that it’s telling you to leave, trust that you will find another opportunity or you will create an opportunity that will replace it and serve you and those that are called to you.

      All is possible. <3

  3. John
    John says:

    I am afraid of not finding the answers to co- create or create positivity into my life to be peaceful, comfortable, and able to help my loved ones. This is my only fear.

    • Diana Dorell
      Diana Dorell says:

      Hi John,Thanks so much for sharing your fear. That takes courage and one thing to consider is that nothing outside of you can help you feel peaceful, comfortable or confident to help your loved ones. It comes from inside yourself and the willingness/choice to be a positive force of Love, no matter outside circumstances are. We always have a choice. Keep up the soul searching and thanks again for posting!


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