do you self-sabotage? the key to success most people ignore

“Worldly success and Divine transcendence are NEVER mutually exclusive.”

-Kelly Cutrone author of “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside (and other things your mother never taught you)”


I used to believe that they were. I used to be afraid that if I ever met the right guy, he’d up and disappear as soon as I found out that I was psychic.

I’d fear that if I experienced a modicum of financial success that suddenly my intuitive gifts would vanish into thin air (poof!) or that I would be punished by the Gods (or Goddesses!)

And I’d fear that my insatiable desire to travel and see the world would ruin my potential to meet Mr. Right and have awesome friendships that filled me up.

brightandshinydiWhat really happened:

There were a few men I dated who thought what I did was weird but none of them actually left me because of my psychic gifts.  I have experienced financial success and my intuition is still intact and actually on fire (thank Goddess!). And I have traveled to several countries and all around the US and come back in one piece. While some of the jobs (and relationships) I had before I departed on my crazy adventures did occasionally end, it was never because of the travel. If anything, it brought me closer to the people in my life because it forced us both to prioritize communication and actually make time to reconnect!

I actually just manifested my VERY first trip to Florence, Italy for June (more on that next week) and the man I’m seeing is still with me and loving me for it, even though I’m leaving him alone for ten days to go off and be a crazy Dora the explorer. He says, “I’m glad it’s 10 days and not 3 months. You need to do this. Go. I love you.” That’s something I never thought would be possible through my old lens of how my partner “should” react. He’s teaching me a lot!

My point?

Your biggest fear realized will probably never come true.

Unless that’s your S.M.O (Spirit Modus of Operation).

But there is a HUGE difference between living your life in scarcity either-or land and  living your t life with a “BOTH” mentality. I can speak from experience because for the longest time I was in the former either/or and I know how hard life felt when I was in that space.

But when you live from BOTH, there’s a  huge difference in your happiness level. You have peace of mind. And yes, you naturally attract upgraded relationships and finances.

This “both” energy allows you to have a freakin LOVE affair with your life and the BEST love affairs that you read about in novels are never all one color are they?

They are passionate, wild, messy, inconvenient, heart-breaking at times and heart-opening at others.

They aren’t perfect.

But while you’re in the crazy love affair, it’s tantalizing, enjoyable, maddening all at once.

That’s what life is.

You deserve to have richness in the material world, whatever luxury your heart desires AND to be fully ALIVE and CONNECTED to your Spirit. To your Divine nature. On fire financially AND spiritually. On fire with your friendships or that hot man or woman in your life AND have a kick ass connection with your Spirit Guides.One without the other is just plain crazy-making in my opinion. It’s a life half-lived.

So, how do you make the transition from Either/OR to BOTH?

The answer?

You must learn how to develop, trust and act on your intuition. The most successful people I know trust their intuitive Knowing in EVERY area of their life AND they follow through on that intuitive guidance without question.If you’re new to intuition, it can be super hard to tell the difference between that wise voice and wishful thinking.

But it’s possible.

A tip:

Begin by noticing the repetitive nudges you get each day. Write them down in a notepad. Then ask yourself, “Is this true?” If it’s a green lights go feeling, you have your answer and you can choose to act on it or wait. If it’s not true, then move on. It’s not your intuition. Simple as that.

The bottom line: You CAN have both. It starts by simply believing that you can. Tweet that!

I believe in you.

YOUR Turn!

1. What is one book that has helped you believe in yourself?

2. Post your response using the “Leave a Comment” button down below right with the title or author!

3. Want to learn how to become an attraction magnet by simply using your Goddess-given intuition?

I’d love to show you how!

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9 replies
  1. Candace Smyth
    Candace Smyth says:

    Hi Diana!

    I can’t wait to talk 1:1 again!! The book that changed the way I saw myself in college was Revolution From Within by Gloria Steinem. It changed everything for me.

    More recently in life, I have LOVED Wayne Dyer’s newest book — Wishes Fulfilled.

    And, I always recommend Pema Chodron and Marianne Williamson to my clients going through a traumatic time, like separation or divorce.

    Lots of love, Candace

  2. Shelby Jean Matonak
    Shelby Jean Matonak says:

    Most recently….They Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This book, which I have on audio, is my daily go to during my commute. It helps me come back to the power of appreciation when I go astray. It has been such a big teacher for me.

    In the romantic realm….Dear Lover by David Deida. David Deida was dubbed the wizard of romance by Marianne Williamson. I just love his teachings!

    BTW….love, love, love the pink chair. In the world of Sofia….it’s called hot to trot pink!

    Much love to you,

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Thank you so much for the recommendations Shelby! I also love David Deida and was first introduced to his book, “It’s a Guy Thing” which really helped me get through some relationship challenges I was having.

      So glad you and Sof love the hot to trot pink! wohoo!


  3. Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown says:

    Hi Diana,

    So glad I read the comments. I love to hear from enthusiastic women. Truly a life changing book is Aphroditety’s Daughter: women sexual stories of the soul.

    I can’t say I have had a lot of specific nudges for actions. My path so far it seems has been about chilling out, internally, instead of hoping and wishing for direction. You are blessed, highly, in my opinion if u have gotten a lot of guidance. I know my path, so far, has been, well my path and I am blessed to be on it, but i would love more divine nudges.

    Your online class has come up a few times, I have felt like I won’t relate enough to a mode of putting people into simple label realms of Earth Angels, Angels, Faiery’s, etc and I didn’t want to be dissapointed but people’s different communication styles is coming up for me a lot so now I am going hm? maybe this is a little nudge:)

  4. Sangeeta
    Sangeeta says:

    Personal Power Through Awareness by Sanaya Roman. It really helps me with not making myself wrong, which is easy to do if you’re a sensitive person 🙂


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