Want to be famous? Try this!

3 ways to spruce up your “Fame” space


Do you secretly want to be famous?

Want to be well-known in your field or be known as the one to go to for a particular thing?

I’m a huge fan of integrating intuition with space clearing as I’ve found that sometimes shifting our OUTER world can trigger our subconscious/inner worlds. When the two worlds are in harmony, you experience manifestation and flow.To keep it very simple, choose one room in your home that you’d like to work some “fame” energy on.

*When you walk in the room, look towards the back CENTER. That is your FAME/reputation space. 

NOTE: Before using any of these 3 suggestions, I always recommend a thorough de-cluttering and cleaning of the space for maximum benefit.


1. Use the colors orange, red and yellow/gold to decorate! Get creative!

The element of this space is FIRE, so you want to stay away from black, which represents WATER. And using logic, water puts out fire, so keep your black vases and desks away from this area.


2. Triangles and diamonds rule:

This area loved the shapes that have points like triangles, diamonds, etc. So, if you have a beautiful rug, angle it slightly or if you are on a budget, you can literally cut out triangle shapes on orange construction paper and tape them to the bottom of your favorite desk or chair legs!


3. Post your awards!

Have you been in the paper for anything? Do you have any certificates or diplomas? This is the place to hang them up and display them proudly!  For extra benefit, again, use firey or earth tones vs. black frames to capitalize on the fire elements.

Below is an example of one of my fame corners. Note the geometric shapes in the fabric and in the center is an amethyst, which is all about spiritual knowledge and healing from higher planes. Hindu Goddess and God, Lakshmi and Ganesh complete this cozy fame space. 


Extra tip:

Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” Cut out pictures, make a vision board or add photos or snippets that represent that to put in this area. Example: One lady I know wanted to be on TV, so she literally created a TV frame out of construction paper and put a picture of herself in the frame! Soon after, she landed her own show!


Your Turn!

1. Which do you want to be known for?

2. Do you have any ideas on how to spruce up your space?

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Have a fabulous week!




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  1. Julie Flanery
    Julie Flanery says:

    Wow! talk about signs! I consider myself to be very successful and respected at what I do but who doesn’t want more of both! I have my own success area and didn’t realize it! My training studio has a matted floor in diamond patterns and my awards are in the back center of the room! Thanks Diana for reminding me to be thankful and to continue to put energy into my goals! They are attainable!


    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Wow! Love it Julie-looks like your intuition is right on point with your training studio Feng-Shui. So awesome! Keep up the great work and keep us posted. Much Love, Diana


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