Over the nearly 13 years in my practice as an intuitive healer and coach, I’ve been blessed to hold space for some of the most accomplished, amazing women to be their best selves and call in high quality, loving relationships.

And what I see many of my powerhouse clients struggling with isn’t the practical application of dating-they are on the apps, they are putting themselves out there and they are actively practicing being in their authentic feminine (or masculine) to attract the right partner.

It’s how to feel safe to truly trust and respect a healthy masculine energy.

Respect is what a masculine-centered man craves more than anything from a partner-it may not be explicitly said, but it’s always there.

And it’s an energy that says, “I trust you. I respect who you are. And I respect myself and feel safe to let my guard down with you.”

Now, I want to be clear, when I say “respect the masculine energy,” I’m not saying at the expense of your own health and well-being or giving your power away.

I know this soooo well, because it was the thing I struggled with the most when I was dating and still honestly, have to catch myself on when I find that I’m reverting back to old programming from my past.

The model I saw growing up was that the masculine was not to be trusted-you had to give your power away and would likely be taken advantage of, so it was better to wear the masculine energy myself, protect my heart and “be in charge.”

This certainly helped in my career, but relationship-wise, this way of being led to some interesting dynamics, some fun and exciting escapades and situation-ships…but mostly unsatisfying and emotionally draining connections.

Reflecting back, I now see it was a self-protective mechanism that was meant to protect me but wasn’t getting me closer to the type of relationship I wanted to be in for the long haul.

So many women say they want to be in a relationship with a “high value” masculine man, but then behind closed doors, there may be an inner hesitation to trust and respect that energy.

And if you want to be magnetic in love and in life, learning how to embrace and respect the healthy masculine is key!

The first step:

It all comes back to our primary relationship-the one you have with yourself and your inner masculine.

In a nutshell-how emotionally safe do you feel within yourself?

The more you can embrace habits, beliefs and practices that anchor you into emotional safety and a feeling of that (without needing another person to validate it!) the easier it will be to allow the masculine in…and to respect and trust that.

Some of the things that have helped me and my clients have shared helps them feel emotionally safe with themselves?

  • Keep promises to yourself. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Especially with your own commitments.
  • Journal or process your feelings in a voice memo to yourself. Don’t let energy stay stuck in your body!
  • EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “tapping” as a daily practice.
  • Dance, and any type of movement. 

What helps you? If you’d like to learn more about your feminine and masculine energies impact your attraction energy, check out my new Goddess Circle Collective membership community, where we explore a new topic every month to improve your intuition, self-trust and relationships!

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