when your intuition is wrong (Q+A!)

Does your intuition seem to be working on overdrive?

Is it really your intuition? Or is it something else?

It’s Q+A time-where I take your questions from the community.

Today’s question:
“Diana, I had a dream about my ex and getting married. It’s definitely a sign from my intuition that I should call him and re-connect, right?”

A: Will calling him move you closer where you want to be or further away?  
Sometimes our subconscious just needs to work something out. It doesn’t always mean we need to leap to conclusions or take the dreams literally. If you ask your intuition and sit quietly with the possibility of contacting them, you’ll get a definite answer to the first question I posed by how you feel before you act rashly and regret it later by eating lots of chocolate and pizza. (been there, done that.. and it doesn’t feel very good!)

There’s a difference between listening to your Intuition and totally giving your power away to avoid having to tune into yourself and take grounded, concrete action.

So, taking the time to identify where you’re at with the question posed above can help you discern.

ps: Having trouble letting go of your ex? This is one of my specialities! Go here to book an intuitive reading or healing session to get clarity! 

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