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This weekend I was listening to the fabulous Dr. Christiane Northrup on Hay House Radio and one of the things she talked about was this idea of Divine Love and how if more people on the planet tapped into self-love, like real authentic self-love based on accepting ourselves and speaking kindly to ourselves, we would always have more than enough.

She said that Divine Love is infinite and there is this infinite supply; it is basically your connection to Source, and whenever we shut someone out of our heart, judge ourselves or another or see ourselves as separate from the whole, we feel pain and suffering.

Life feels rough, we feel isolated and walls come up that block love from coming in.

It reminded me of all the times in love that I felt let down or let someone else down.

The great guy that just stopped calling me with no explanation….after I opened my heart up and got vulnerable.

Or the time a man asked me to move to San Diego with him and marry him…and I told him I was moving to San Francisco and didn’t think he was the One.

Or the time that I really thought I had the whole positive body-image thing down…and then proceeded to consume a whole box of Oreos and berate my body with toxic thoughts.


Self-love is an ongoing journey.

I realized that in each of the scenarios above, Divine Love was always available to me.

I could choose to stand in that Love for myself …regardless if someone didn’t mirror it back (guy #1).

I could choose to be lovingly truthful (with guy #2) and still exude Divine Love his way.

And I could choose to love my body and look at what was really driving my eating choices instead of beating myself up about it.

You always have a choice.

This week’s Love Mantra (from Christiane Northrup). Say as often as you like, but especially during those times when you feel separate, alone, lonely or just less-than-connected.

“I now invite Divine Love to work through me. I now accept Divine Love.”

For extra fun, one of the exercises you can do that I have my private clients check out is called the Divine Love Bird.

How to do it:  You start by literally standing up and putting your arms out to a T-position. Inhale and bring your arms forward and touch your palms together as you bring Divine love in. On the exhale, open your arms out as your expand that Divine Love out to the world.

Q: Have you ever shut love out? What helped you to open up again? What realizations did you come to? Share with us in the comments below!

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