your message for 2019 + january! (wooohooo!)

Happy Happy New Year!

How are you feeling?

Did you enjoy your holiday?

I’m en route back home to AZ after spending New Years in San Jose, CA. It was a nostalgic trip because it was the first place I moved after graduating college and I hadn’t been back in 10 years! Trippppy….

But I digress.

So…what is up with 2019?

I pulled a card for everyone in all time zones (below) + also made a super short audio recording with the channeled message that accompanies it as well as what 2019 themes are.

Zoom IMG_0487.JPG

Check it out here.


After you listen, Q: What is one thing you are excited to express this year? Share with us in the comments!

I look forward to creating and sharing more nuggets this year to inspire you to love yourself, trust yourself and step into your full power in all your relationships!

ps: Want to overcome a belief that there is “not enough?” Abundance mindset is the focus in The Empowered Goddess Society for January and we have a very special guest expert coming in later this month! Want to join us? Check it out here


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  1. Pier-Anna
    Pier-Anna says:

    Have been desiring discovering my purpose, my way to serve.
    Shimmeringly excited to discover how to express my creativity this year and lhear my intuitive guidance.

    Thank you for your generosity with these intuitive nuggets, Diana!


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