your secret weapon to having a guy fawn on you (I’m still learning this one!)

Imagine your phone ringing multiple times from that hot guy or gal you’ve had your eye on.

They leave a voicemail wanting you to call them back. They are just calling to say “hi.” See how you are. And they mean it.

You get sweet texts in the middle of the day that make you smile…

And when you go out, strangers open doors for you and you get compliments even though you may be wearing sweatpants.

It’s like the Universe sent out a memo that a superstar (you!) is on the loose and everybody better pay attention!

The secret to getting that kind of attention is to tap into one of your most valuable assets….

your vulnerability.

Now, many of you who are great at getting things done in your business but have a rocky time in relationships know how hard this can be, right?

 You don’t want to be perceived as weak, less than or incapable of doing it yourself because you know 90% of the time, you can do it better yourself than when you delegate it out.

But here’s the difference (listen closely!). Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak.

True vulnerability=openness and trust in something beyond yourself.

True vulnerability=saying how you really feel but being totally responsible for yourself at all times.

True vulnerability= saying, “No. I can’t/don’t want to/would rather do X” when asked and does not feel the need to explain or defend.

And that….. is irresistable!

Remember: Just because you can do something by yourself doesn’t mean you have to or you “should.” And the less time and energy you spend on things you don’t need to be doing, the more space you have for that special someone to come and sweep you off your feet!

Soul Questions + Challenge:
– Where could you benefit from letting yourself be more vulnerable?
-What would you stop doing?
-What would you start doing or do more of?
-Where do you need to reach out for help?
-Where do you need to trust that life isn’t going to end if you delegate a task to someone who can only do it 90% as good as you?  
-How could your life be better by stepping into some more vulnerability?

Pick 1 question from above to sit with and share with us in the comments below!

This could be in your business or in your personal life.

ps: Did you enjoy this?

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