What to Do When Your Intuition is WRONG

Does your intuition seem to be working on overdrive?

Is it really your intuition? Or is it something else?

I hear things like:

In Love:

“Diana, I had a dream about my ex and getting married. It’s definitely a sign from my intuition that I should call him and re-connect, right?” (usually said in a giddy voice)


My response?

Will calling him move you closer where you want to be or further away?  And truly, (again just my opinion), sometimes our subconscious just needs to work something out. It doesn’t always mean we need to leap to conclusions or take the dreams literally. If you ask your intuition and sit quietly with the possibility of contacting them, you’ll get a definite answer to the first question I posed by how you FEEL before you act rashly and regret it later by eating lots of chocolate and pizza. (I’ve done that and it doesn’t feel very good!)


In Business:

“Diana, my intention is to have ten people in my new program. But you know, I have a lot going on, so I’m just fine with whatever happens. I trust Spirit and all is well!”


My response?

You’re giving the Universe mixed signals. You say you want ten people. So it’s your job to manifest/attract ten people, co-creating WITH Spirit. Talk to people. Go outside. Go online. Ask friends to help you. Whatever it takes.  Stay open, follow your intuition, yes! Of course. Your intuition will guide you to WHERE to go, WHO to talk to and WHEN to go for it vs. when you just need to sit still and hold space for your vision. But when you release the energy around what you say you want (ten people) and just settle for mediocrity (whatever happens) because you’re scared of putting yourself out there, that’s just plain crazy-making! And your results will be a reflection of your internal disconnect. I know…there’s just no short-cut for making sure your words and your intentions align with your actions. It’s usually pretty uncomfortable but if you want different results you have to get out of your comfort zone on an on-going basis.


In Living Your Life Purpose

“Diana, my intuition keeps saying that I have to get this book out into the world. But, first I need more information about publishers and need to organize my schedule so I can have time to write.”


My response? Great. Your intuition is aligning with your heart’s true  desire to get a book out into the world. So, why are you waiting for a publisher or “more information” or “more time” to give you permission to get your butt to your computer and just start writing a book proposal? Is the information about publishing a book important? Yes. But if you’re using it as a delay-tactic to avoid actually sitting down and doing the writing, then you’ll be waiting a very very very long time. Start NOW. And put in specific times to research during your week.


First off, I have so much compassion for these statements and versions of them because I used to make them too! All the time! But now, these kinds of statements make me want to scream and bang on pots and pans. The voice behind each of those statements is NOT your intuition.I get the whole idea of having Spirit/Higher Self/the Angels/your intuition sending you messages to nudge you forward on your Path. But there’s a difference between listening to your Intuition and totally giving your power away to avoid having to tune into yourself and take grounded, concrete action.


What’s really behind these types of statements is one of the following:


#1 Fear (usually of failure and what other people think)


#2 Wishful Thinking (to avoid dealing with the present or the fact that your past really is done and over) or


#3 Laziness (to avoid having to take action, feel uncomfortable or shift from a routine that is safe)


The Good News: 3 Easy Steps

Once you come clean with yourself about which one of the 3 feelings you’re letting run your show (your life), you can choose something different!


Step 1: Name it without Judgement (Fear, Wishful Thinking or Laziness?) Or a combo?

Ex: “I am afraid right now because…or “I acknowledge that I wish …..or I really don’t feel like doing ….”


Step 2:  Restate your True Intention

What would you LOVE to co-create for yourself in this situation? Say it aloud and write it down.


Step 3:  Listen

What’s one step that can get you closer to where you want to be? Write that step down. Yes, I said just ONE. Then go do it!


That’s all you have to do.


And once you’re in alignment, you’ll be able to hear your TRUE intuition. The voice that gives you those great ideas at 3am. The voice that tells you to call so and so because they might be able to help you. The voice that says, Go do something else for a little bit and come back to this. It’s always there.


Will you listen?


Take Action:

 1.    What is one intention YOU have for yourself this week?

 2.    What is the ONE step you are going to take this week to get closer to it?

 3.    Post your response using the comment button on here and please “share/like” this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc if you enjoyed it!


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Have a great week and I look forward to reading your intentions here on the blog!


Love, Diana

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    Rachel Brown says:

    Hi Diana- I want to thank you so much. I love love love you newsletter and blog.
    This week I am going to work on enjoying myself, and taking some actions towards creating more monthly income. Thank you


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