Feel like you don’t “measure up?” 3 steps to deal with your family this Holiday season

The Holidays bring up a LOT, especially when it comes to your family or sense of family/belonging.

It can be difficult to feel like you “measure up” or are “good enough,” but even with challenging family conversations, there is a simple and very elegant way to keep your sanity!

In the video below (4:33 min), Diana shows you:

  • The simple secret behind staying sane when your family says things that push your buttons
  • 3 easy steps to avoid overindulging in wine, chocolate and other shenanigans (because of family drama)
  • PSSST. PLUS, you’ll get to see the inside of Diana’s kitchen, a place where family conversations happen all the time!

Take Action: (After you watch)

1. What is ONE piece of advice you can give to help people stay sane with their families?

2. Post a comment! You never know who may need to read EXACTLY what you share.

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11 replies
  1. rachel
    rachel says:

    Hi- I wish you would have elaborated on the first step. I have no idea how to ‘observe’ rather then react when I get pushed to a certain point and I know it’s not my stuff, it’s theirs.

    • dianadorell
      dianadorell says:

      Hi Rachel! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely address this in next week’s video in more detail but my general response is: 1) Remember that WE are in control of how far we allow someone or something to affect us. If we know we’re being pushed past our boundary, we have to SAY SO or make a choice to step away energetically through saying so silently. 2) It takes practice AND conscious effort. It may not come naturally and some people push our limits more than others. Keep up the great work! Love, Diana

  2. Lynsey Landry
    Lynsey Landry says:

    What a breathe of fresh air! Just what I needed to read! I came across your website today, looking for a way to connect to higher. So true that holidays can be a stressful time. Such an important time for us to practice self care and listen to our inner wisdom…esp as we are giving to others. Thanks for the reminders :0) <3

  3. Dorel
    Dorel says:

    During the holidays I have learned now that the best way one can enjoy themselves is to practice L O V E – Listen, Observe, Validate and Evolve. A gathering can be two people, it can be twenty, we all have stories to share or comments to make but if you step back and OBSERVE like you stated in your video, you can better digest the essence of a particular conversation or comment and then later on after dessert you can ask questions and get to know more about the person in your family versus trying to overindulge in many simultaneous conversations at one time. Perhaps you make a connection with someone with whom you would like to get to know more and not wait for this once a year reunion in which to do that.

  4. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    HI Diana, this video had me laughing, funny intro…and pleased to see you had a bottle of what looked like Australian wine?! yay! Thanks for this timely reminder. My family are a beautiful mixed bag but my brother and mother are not my strongest supporters of the new life I lead. However, I realised recently that they are also my best teachers at the moment for the awareness that their critisism has brought me, and for this I love them. Will keep these tips handy for the festive season.


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