how to push through resistance (one question)

Facing resistance?

Whenever you are taking action in the direction of your dream, whether that’s manifesting a great relationship or doing that thing you always wanted to do but were scared to, resistance will rear its lovely head.

Our primitive brains hate any kind of change and any suggestion outside the lines of our normal patterns will set off this alarm bell “Danger, danger, stay away!” and it can be so easy to just slip back into what’s comfortable.

But if you’re reading this, that tells me that “okay” is not good enough.

You want awesome!! And you want it like yesterday, right?

So, then resistance is something to make friends with.

Instead of running from it (which never works, been there, done it, got the T-shirt) you can ask yourself this one question to tame it.

Q: What would the version of me who already has the thing I want do/not do / say/not say / respond/choose right now?

It feels a bit like make-believe but who cares? I always say, do what works and heading into a space of possibility helps quiet that freaked out part of your brain that becomes hyper focused on keeping you safe and exactly where you are.

Play with the question above. Journal on it. See what comes up.

The more you can become emotionally neutral to the primitive brain and instead consciously redirect and co-create your next moves from your future self, the easier it will be to get there.

And also hold onto it once you manifest it!

Q: Are you willing to give the question above a shot this week? share with me in the comments!

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your 3-card message…ready goddess?

Happy Wed!

This week I pulled 3 cards for the community as we are coming off the heels of the New Moon in Virgo. 

If you’re new to my world, welcome! You’ll find a mix of spiritual wisdom, love/relationship + life advice + tools to help you trust your intuition.

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This week’s message: 

The storyteller: what stories are you telling yourself are true about your life and others? Are they supportive or destructive? A recent challenge can be smoothed over by simply a change in perspective.

Sacred mountain: a great week to observe and be quiet for in the silence you receive divine answers to your inquiry. Keep a journal!

Eagle medicine: by the end of the week you have the potential to blow your own mind with all the spiritual assistance you witness as you soar above so called problems and towards your most cherished dreams!

Q: Which card resonates with you and how you have been feeling the most? Hit reply and tell me! 

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Have an amazing week and I look forward to kicking off the Empowered Goddess-a-thon with those of you who feel guided to join us!

Love and Blessings,

need a confidence boost? I’m excited!

Happy Wed!

I am so excited because remember I told you that I had a special announcement?

So one of the things that keeps you from having amazing relationships is a lack of inner confidence.

Mental tapes like…

I’m not good enough.

I’m not attractive enough.

No one will understand my crazy schedule or life…

When you have inner confidence, you become a master of your emotions.

The world can get crazy, but you are so good at re-directing your mind when it starts to act like a crazy toddler on a rampage.

That’s inner confidence.

And I’m on a mission to help you tap into that!

So….<drumroll please!>

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That’s right!

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How it works:

 For those of you that want to really get the full experience, I’m going to post a specific Goddess video + exercise to help you really embody each confidence booster and we are also going to be doing mini-challenges + prizes when I feel like it over the 7 weeks! This will all happen in a 100% free, closed FB group (Empowered Goddess Secrets) where I will go in-depth into each of the 7 secrets and you can interact with the other ladies and myself!

Next steps:

1) Download your free gift: 7 Goddess Secrets to Up Your Confidence.

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Can’t wait!

Have a great week!

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Decision-Making Tool

It can feel hard sometimes to know-do I go for this or hold off? do I express this or should I wait? should I keep this item or should I toss it? 

I find that asking yourself a simple question can help clarify things.

But before you ask, get grounded. Drink some water. Breathe. Get off your phone.

The key is to tune into your body and you can’t tune in accurately if you are a live wire of nerves or distraction!

Ask: Would doing this/tossing this/not tossing this/expressing/not expressing feel EXPANSIVE or DEFLATING? 

Ask it aloud and scan your body. Pay attention. Close your eyes. What sensations do you feel? 

Signs you are getting expansion? lightness, an inner knowing that this “is true,” open-ness

Signs you are getting deflation? tightness, an inner knowing that this is “not all true”/feels forced, constriction. 

Now, sometimes it’s a bit of both and then you can ask yourself, “What am I afraid would happen if I do this/don’t do this…?” You can journal about that and then revisit the question above. Often times if it’s something you’ve never done, it’s natural to feel a bit afraid! But also a deep knowing that this is true for you as a next step.

With practice, it will be easier to tune into your inner knowing!

my one birthday wish for you…

Hello Goddess!

Yesterday (August 21) was my birthday and what I want more than anything is to empower more women to let go of what I call the “slave/prisoner” energy and step into their inner Queen/Goddess self.

So you can:
:: stop giving your power away
:: command respect from a place of grace and ease
:: feel at peace with yourself, which creates a positive ripple effect out to everyone you love and to the world
:: feel at home in your body and in exercising your voice…it deserves to be heard!
:: feel cherished by your partner
and so much more…

I’ve been reading this amazing book by Marianne Williamson called A Woman’s Worth and felt inspired to share a FB live video I did around this very concept.

If even one of you sees it to the end and feels empowered to take the next step towards your greatness, my heart will be so happy!

Check it out below

Thank you for being part of my Goddess community!

Love and Blessings,