3 phrases to call in what you want (and no, the Universe is not your bi&*$!)

Do you feel like some people have this magic formula that makes them manifest things with little or no effort?

They tend to draw things to them with ease and it’s got you stumped.

Do you wonder, what the heck is wrong with me that I am not like them?

First off, there’s nothing wrong with you.

I’ve helped my clients call in things like:

:: $1200 unexpected cash within 48 hours
::  the courage to end a relationship that they knew was over for years and meet a new partner that was fabulous for them!
::  new clients
and even the house of their dreams with the specs, price and everything!

Now, as cool as all that stuff is, I want to be clear that I don’t have a formula or a potion or anything weird like that. And neither do my clients (at least not to my knowledge!)

The secret?

The secret is to shift your energy so you become magnetic to the things you want. Not the stuff your Ego wants. But the stuff that your Soul wants. BIG difference!

And I found that if we really boil it down, it comes to 3 simple phrases.

There are 3 phrases to avoid and 3 phrases to cultivate if you want to truly shift your energy and draw in your desires.

I’d like to teach them to you.

So I made a video!

Are you game?

You will learn:

  • Why you’re not manifesting as quickly as you want even though you think you’re doing all the right things
  • The 3 phrases you must take out of your manifesting vocabulary besides ‘don’t’ and the 3 to add in if you’re serious about shifting your energy
  • An opportunity to dive deeper into manifesting magic + be one of those people you envy!

Watch it here:

Q: Which one of the 3 POWER phrases will you play with this week? Add in your declaration to the comments below + let’s see what happens!

ps:If one of the things you really want is L-O-V-E, register for my 4-week Call in Love with the Romance Angels class! Starts Feb 18th!. Click here.

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