3 tips to make a vision board that actually works!

Today I would love to teach you 3 crucial tips to making your own vision board..you know, one that can actually work!

I organized a vision-board making/new website launch party last night complete with champagne (wheeee!) and led a fun *tutorial* to help everyone harness the powerful energies that are around right now to help you call in your desires!

And I would love to share them with you!

In today’s video you will:

  • Learn 3 things they probably don’t teach you in traditional “make a vision-board” books that make the difference between a pretty piece of art and a subconscious-shifting transformation!
  • Avoid the top mistakes I see that frustrate folks and slow their manifesting mojo down
  • See my new 1920’s-ala-Gatsby era haircut (I chopped off SIX inches! Hello new energy!)

Ready? Watch it below!

Q: Do you have a vision-board making tip that has helped you? Share your insights in the comments below!

It’s a new cycle and a new website!

Can you please help me celebrate + help more people love and trust their intuition and themselves?

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