True Story-How a dog taught me how to let go…and let in.

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever had to let go of something or someone you loved so much because you knew it just time, even though you really wish it wasn’t?

Letting go is one of the Highest forms of love.

It says, “I trust that when i surrender my attachment to how it *should* be, I open up to what is in true alignment with my Soul

Yesterday I agreed to drive my mother’s dog from her ex husband’s home back to her.

They had shared custody of this cutie but now it was decided that she would take her back on a permanent basis.

It was super emotional.

Especially for her.

I could tell that she knew something was happening.

She kept pacing back and forth and when she saw her stuff being packed up into a plastic bag and a sheet laid down in the back seat of my car, her feelings were confirmed.

This wasn’t just another shuttle visit.

This was a goodbye.

On the other side of letting go is space. Space to re-invent yourself or take a pause.

It was swift, confusing and yet, in a way, cathartic in that a chapter had officially closed and a new one had just begun..

When we got to my mom’s house, she went straight to the carpet, ignoring her bed and just lay in the dark with her eyes closed for a long time. We left her like that and went to dinner.

It was like she was processing everything that had just happened to her and the people involved.

Dogs are such sensitive Angels.

I stayed over + woke up super early (5 a-freakin-m!) and I was greeted by a thumping at the guest room door.

It was her.

She has a way of thumping and thrashing her tail about when she gets excited about something.

She seemed to smile at me, filled with tons of energy even at this ridiculous hour and it was as if she wanted to say, “I’m okay! It’s over! It’s a NEW DAY! Isn’t it great?”

And I thought to myself…wow, how would it feel to be a dog?

What if we could love just as hard and unconditionally as they do and let go just as easily of the attachment and the suffering?

How could your life be different if you were like a dog?

I’ll let that question hang in the air for now…it’s Full Moon week after all!

Time to let go and let in.

Q: What is ONE thing you are letting go of this week? OR ONE thing you are making space FOR? Brave souls, post a comment and like this post?

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Hi Diana,

    I’m letting go of the expectations of someone to reclaim my self respect.

    Taking back my goddess power!


  2. Ronnie Casey
    Ronnie Casey says:

    Hey Diana!
    I am very in tune with this post and have been learning the art of letting go since January of this year. It started with letting go of a lot of material objects in my home, things that were taking up space. I had created attachment to many of the items but had to ask myself if I needed them. The answer was no, and it was very freeing to release them.
    From there I let go of some unhealthy relationships that I realized were preventing me from pursuing my true desires. So I am in the process of also letting go of former habits in regards to my love life. Ultimately very empowering and exciting!
    And finally, just a few days ago, I received a massage as a birthday gift and realized that it was another part of the letting go process. The massage releasing blocked energies in my body and aura. And now I see your post, another example of the Universe reflecting my reality back to me. So glad we have the opportunity to be reflections of each other.
    In the mean time, I think I’m gonna go listen to that song from ‘Frozen’, “Let it go, Let it go….Can’t hold it back any more….”

    • Diana Dorell
      Diana Dorell says:

      Hi Ronnie! That is so amazing that you are letting go in so many different aspects of your life to open up to new energy and possibilities! And yes! The Universe loves you-love that you received a massage + I’m so blessed to be connected with you as well. “Let it Go” is a great anthem for right now! I think I’ve listened to it like 40 + times! Love and Hugs! Diana

  3. Lisatucson
    Lisatucson says:

    I am letting go of working to make money. I had a job that was fun and good for awhile, making a lot of money, good health insurance and a good 401k and suddenly I lost that job. The past year had been a real difficult one with much conflict between myself and my supervisor so when lay offs arrived I was let go. Feelings of relief, happiness and shock spread through me but mostly it was a release from the money prison I thought I was supposed to endure to support myself. I had to let go and embrace not working and Enjoying that feeling of my sanity, self worth and joy come Back into my life. Now I have a job making half as much working in a positive and nurturing environment and am Happy. Priceless

    • Diana Dorell
      Diana Dorell says:

      Hi Lisa! Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. How beautiful that you were able to take it as a gift to release and open up to a new environment that was more aligned with your energy! Bravo Goddess! Love, Diana


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