are you going through a shift? 2 crucial steps most people miss on their way to a breakthrough…

unnamedAre you going through a shift?

Are emotions coming up that you weren’t expecting?

Do you wish you could just skip all that and go to the breakthrough, fun stage?!

It’s only natural to want to move on as quickly as possible from a situation that makes us feel sad, scared or just well…not awesome, right?

It could be you’re going through the break-up of a relationship, the dissolving of a friendship or family connection, shifting gears in a job or business or having to move when you really weren’t ready to.

These are just some of the major emotional transitions that I see with my clients.

And let’s face it. 

Transitions are messy.

They aren’t linear and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to navigate them!

I hear things like, “I just want to move on! I am fine…I’m filled with love and light and I am a powerful being…” “I’m pouring my energy into work…it’s how I deal.”

I get it.

When there’s a gap, our Ego can’t wait to fill it with something. Anything to avoid the pain or discomfort, right?

It’s so natural to do that, but when we fill the blank space, you rob yourself of a beautiful opportunity to transition even quicker.

On the other side of a break-down is a breakthrough, provided you take these 2 crucial steps…

But to get to the breakthrough, most people try and skip over these 2 crucial steps…grieving …followed by an honoring.

What Grieving Looks Like:

  • giving yourself permission to cry, scream, laugh and yell without justifying why you’re feeling that way or worrying about “how long it’s supposed to take” 

hint: grieving takes as long as it takes….

  • creating space in your day to let it out + do the things above…
  • putting people on standby in your life that you trust for those moments when you just need to talk something through or hear that it’s going to be okay

It does not look like:

  • avoiding what you are feeling (that will eventually come back to bite you in the you know what…)
  • isolating yourself to the point where you are not taking proper care of yourself + upholding your responsiblities
  • doing affirmations to avoid feeling something you don’t want to feel or putting on a “spiritual happy mask.”  Affirmations are awesome when coupled with authentic, raw “this is how I feel right now” feelings.

While and after you go through the grieving stage of the situation that has changed in your life (which, again may take 1 hour or 1 month depending on how fast your energy moves and how much you allow yourself to feel it all), honoring comes next.

To honor something says to your Soul, “This event/person/situation brought value to my life/my growth and so I choose to honor that value, even if it’s hard for me to see in this moment.”

What Honoring Looks Like (A few examples for you!):

  • Having a “funeral” for a situation where you literally get dressed in black and light a candle and say aloud all the things you learned about yourself + how it offered value to your life. 
  • Make a list of all your past relationships + write down at least 1 quality from each person you dated that you really admired and brought something to your life
  • Go through your old home or your old desk, etc and carefully and lovingly call out the different items that really helped you in your journey up to this point. 

When you do these last 2 steps, Grieving and Honoring a loss or change, you create an energetic space for the Universe to rush in with new things that are truly aligned with you.

A new partner

A new client

A new home

A new job

So, in closing, do what 90% of people won’t allow themselves to do.

Feel your shit

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and raw for awhile 

and honor honor honor what it brought to your life

You’ll feel lighter and brighter in less time…and you deserve it!

Q: Which step do feel is more challenging? Grieving or Honoring? Why? What step could you take this week to move through a transition you are going through? Share with us!

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