3 tips to tame fear of losing your freedom (or deal with another person’s fear around this!)

So, have you ever felt this internal struggle between wanting to move closer to something (or someone) but then freaking out about losing your freedom and independence?

Q: A question came in from a brave soul K via Facebook.

She writes, “My guy and I have talked about him moving into my place. His actions say that he’s on board but then I heard that his friends say he’s not sure and scared of losing his freedom. Is this normal? Help!”

A:  (the short version is YES). It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relationship next step like moving in or a business next step like merging assets. Change is SCARY.

Watch the video below to learn:

    • My 3 step process to tame fear of losing your freedom (or deal with another person’s insecurities involved in your big step!)
    • The secret to moving WITH the fear vs letting it consume you (it’s a very simple shift in language but most people don’t go there!)
    • How to have more energy and actually have fun as you go through the process of taking your next big leap!

Q: Have you ever felt afraid of losing your freedom when you move towards what you want? What helped you navigate that? Share in the comments below!


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