the biggest block that keeps you stuck..

Are you ready to get out of your own way and start being the creator of your life?

The biggest block that keeps you stuck is not fear.

It’s a belief.

The belief that that you have to have the full script of what you’re asking for before taking the first step.

The Universe is smart.

If you got the full script, you could be too afraid to actually go for it.

Or you could decide you wanted something differently and try and bypass anything you didn’t like or want to experience on the way to get to the end.

After all, the hero’s journey involves twists and turns and those annoying karmic and Soul lessons.

It requires you to get uncomfortable, unmasked and occasionally be out of control to just trust.

The remedy: Ask yourself, what feeling would satisfy my Soul the most at this time?

Is it feeling secure?




Something else?

Start there. One word. Two at the most.

Then ask, “Okay, what’s one thing I could do right now that would bring me that feeling?”

That’s your next right action.

Then the Universe will go to town arranging the second action and third, etc.

An Example in Action: 

I had a client who was freaking out about whether or not she should leave her job and start her dream business. Everytime she thought about it, she felt excited but also terrified of not being able to support herself. All she could see was the either/or. The leave my job and start the dream. Or stay in my job and let the dream die. It was strangling her creative energy!

When she got quiet with me and did the exercise above, she got clear that her core desired feeling was to feel “planted and safe.” When we drilled even further, having 3 months of living expenses saved up in the bank and staying in her job while she built up her dream business on the side gave her the first full deep breath she’d felt in a long time. So for her the next immediate step was to look in the mirror and say aloud, “I am committed to saving up 3 months of living expenses and starting my dream right now. I am so grateful for my current job that is helping me feel planted and safe.”  That single step informed her choices for the next 3 months and gave her a sense of anchoring and freedom that helped her build her dream on her own terms. Awesome!

Q: What is one of your core feelings that you are committed to setting in motion during this week? Post your adjective (s) in the comments below!

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