3 steps to cure comparing-itis

It starts off innocently.

You’re in a great mood-feeling pretty good about your day.

You go to your computer and log into Facebook.

Or Gmail.

You’re sifting through, humming along and and you see it.

“Just engaged-I said YES!”

“I just crossed $50k/month in my online business!”

“Dear (you), OMG, I am finally doing it! I quit my job and just booked my dream vacation to Paris-paid speaking gig and they are covering it!”

And your energy drops.

Your mind starts to ping pong and race.

You feel anxious.

You’ve just stepped into comparison-itis land!

Here are 3 simple (and spiritual) steps you can take when you find yourself in comparison-itis land, especially around relationships.

Watch here:


This week’s Soul Love Q: Have you ever struggled from comparison-itis? What did you do? Share with us!


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