are they ready or are you wasting your time?

Today’s Q+A is about marriage/commitment.

Q: I’ve been burned a lot in the past by men who couldn’t commit. I feel cautious dating again and am wondering, are there signs I should look for that the person I’m seeing is open for marriage?

A: Oooo, I love this question. It can feel really scary to put yourself out there only to discover that the person you’re interested in isn’t on the same page-in this case, around commitment.

There are 3 common dating behaviors I see in my private practice. 

One of them is a sign you can tell before you are monogomous.

The other two are for when you’ve been with the person awhile and want to know if you’re on track for the M-word 🙂

Check out the full answer below in this video:

Q: Have another sign you’d like to add? Share in a comment below!

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