f—k being reasonable

Do you tend to be the friend that everyone goes to for advice?

If you said yes, I’m guessing that people love to tell you a lot about their lives.

And often there is a pattern to what they share.

For me, I’ve noticed that regardless of who it is-a good friend, a person I met at Trader Joes check out, or some random Goddess I met at a conference, the themes circle around the following:

  • I am a workaholic and I feel like my life is a never ending To-Do list and no one appreciates me
  • I have no social life and no love life…I know something has to change
  • I’m tired of feeling isolated and alone but I don’t know what to do

Then I ask the bold question: “So, what are you going to change so you can you start loving yourself more? What do you do to take care of your Spirit?”

I sometimes get weird stares and a laundry list of rational excuses, mostly about how they need to focus on their career/business. Or their responsibilities. Or re-organizing the closet. 

I’m in the middle of a decluttering challenge, so while it sounds totally valid…I have to sigh. 

I’ve been there. So many times. I get it.

It’s scary to change.

It’s scary to trust.

It’s scary to not be in control all the damn time and trust that thing are going to work out

But here’s the deal:

We say we want to take time out of our busy lives, love ourselves and come back into balance but what we are really are saying is…I’ll get to that later…

as soon as I get the business or career stuff handled

as soon as I have more free time

as soon as the kids go to college

as soon as I have more money

as soon as as soon as as soon as…

Only “as soon as” never comes, does it?

Self-care and prioritizing our Soul go to the bottom of the to-list…. if it’s even on the list at all.

Pleasure and taking a new direction towards something fun seems frivolous, unnecessary, unreasonable. 

The idea of putting our needs and emotions above others’ we love seems selfish.

But, consider this.

Your dream life is rarely birthed when you are being ‘reasonable.’

Otherwise, you would have it already, wouldn’t you?

The Universe knows you are EXTRA-ordinary. 

It’s just waiting for you to get the memo so it can start helping you get what you want. 

But normally we’re too in our heads to actually listen or do anything about it.
The Universe doesn’t respond to you when you’re being ‘reasonable’ when your Soul is crying out for more. 

It responds to your request when you are relaxed, in a space of receiving and joy. Not stress. Or worry.

When you take time out for pleasure and Soul nourishing time, you become a magnet for the things you want.

  • My client slashed her work hours in half and started walking again and taking time to be with her Spirit. The result? Her quarterly income increased over 34%.
  • Another client treated herself to a massage and a movie in the middle of her work week. Just because she felt like it! The result? Creative inspiration, and sign-ups for her upcoming event

and another

  • Another client moved to a gym closer to her home and enrolled in regular yoga classes per her intuition and body requests. The result? Regular daily compliments from men (and women!) and one that calls and texts her often to ask her out and see how she’s feeling. 


I think not.

This week’s Self-Love Soul Challenge:

What’s one “unreasonable” thing you can do for your Soul this week? Something that fills you with a feeling of “OMG I can’t do THAT! But wouldn’t that be neat….”

I give you permission to go for it Goddess.

Fuck reasonable.

And if you don’t like it after a week,  you can always go back to the way things were before.

No questions asked.

Your call.

It’s time to put yourself first.

PS: Are you ready to rip off the Band-Aid and step into a brand-new you, let’s talk so I can learn more about you and how I can help.  Schedule a 15 min complimentary consult call here. 

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