are you addicted to ‘busy?’

Happy Wed!

Have you ever found it hard to stop being busy?

I was speaking with one of my VIP clients the other day. 

The question was around: “How do I reconcile this part of myself that is addicted to being busy?”

A: I shared with her that we tend to operate in extremes-either being in your head and operating from a place of anxiety and an addiction to busy-ness….or being totally blissed out and off in another galaxy of light and love, content and in complete alignment….. and then inbeating yourself about not doing something more ‘productive.’

Neither state is sustainable.

It’s easy to aspire to be in the latter, but a big part of spiritual growth comes in moments of tension, suspension and change that requires us to not only try to find a middle ground, but to be able to function effectively in the world.

So, what if instead of beating yourself up for being out of the moment, using a thousand different apps to quiet your mind and getting distracted to check your email one more time…because really, something important could have come in…you don’t want to miss it…(guilty!) what if instead, you slipped into total and complete acceptance?

Acceptance that there are going to be times when you can’t shut off your mind?

Acceptance that sometimes you’d rather procrastinate and daydream than get shit done that needs to get done.

Total acceptance in the contradictory dualities of needing to be ‘busy’ and also desiring to feel more at peace with the potential stillness that could ensue if you just….stopped?

Can you like…just let both of them exist and be okay with that?

Because it takes tremendous energy to resist and to fight against what’s showing up in your life.

So, what if instead, the cure to overcoming ‘busy-ness’ was just about NOTICING and being conscious when you slip into a place you’d rather not be in.

Sometimes just noticing it is all it takes to find your own middle ground.

I know this is one of my more esoteric posts-and I don’t have all the answers to this, but it is something I invite you to explore with me and within yourself if you’re game this week.

Ask yourself, “Can I notice when I’m doing for the sake of doing? Can I notice when I’m avoiding being still? Can I accept and love myself… in both catching myself in the act of being busy and let any fears or crap come up when I think about slowing down or stopping?”

Are you willing to let go of fighting yourself?

What could open up for you then?

To be continued…

Love and Blessings,

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