your May message is here!

Happy May!

How are you feeling? Change is in the air!

I’m writing you from Houston, Texas and my hair is super curly from the humidity. Bella, my puppy is in awe of all the grass and it is really cool to be in my childhood home…and also a little trippy!

But back to May.

It is a time of renewal, new beginnings and movement!

This movement can include anything in your life from feeling a desire to move your body more, travel and also moving forward in a health goal, relationship, career path or even new home space that is more…you.

May is the 5th month of the year and in numerology, “5” represents communication, the unexpected, beauty and change!

I also pulled a card for everyone: (from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Angels deck!)

If you’ve been sifting through tough emotional or physical waters over the past few weeks, May’s energy can help you sort through what is actually important for your healing and where to just let go.

It’s also a fantastic month to do energy healing work and to find your “medicine” out in nature, with deeply connected friendships and love relationships.

Ask yourself, “If I knew I was healing from the inside out 100% and I accepted myself completely and totally, what would I do/say/be/choose in this moment?”

Have a fantastic week!

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