How to deal after someone has cheated on you…

A brave Goddess shared this on my public Facebook page yesterday:

Q: “Diana, my last relationship lasted five years before I caught him with another woman. I haven’t dated (or felt like dating) for three years now. It seems like every guy I’ve dated ends up cheating on me and I don’t want to subject myself to that anymore. Some people are meant to be alone – am I one of them?”


It is never an easy thing when someone you love steps out on you. 

Or you get that sinking feeling in your belly that it’s happening but you don’t know what to do.

It can leave you feeling like the woman above-doubting whether love exists for you and whether or not you are just meant to be alone. 

But the good news is that every single relationship creates an opportunity for us to learn a Soul lesson, to grow and to see the shadow parts of ourselves that we may have been denying. 


Here’s what I shared with her/what came through from Spirit:

“Goddess, if you have had a pattern of men cheating on you, one question to meditate on is “Where have I cheated myself? Where have I been cutting corners or accepting less than I wanted in X area of my life?” Start there to begin the healing to open your heart.”


You see, it ALWAYS comes back to us. 

And it (the energy of “cheating”) can show up in another area of your life besides love.

I can speak from experience!

Some ways I know I “cheated” myself in the past included:

  • Overdrafting on my checking account and buying stuff with my debit card that made me stuff the feelings I didn’t want to deal with (hello lattes, massages and expensive jewelry I had no business buying!)
  • Driving weekly over 100 miles to see the man I was dating only to have him drive TWICE to see me (once because it was on his way back from a family commitment) (compromising my energy level)
  • Being consistently late to meet friends or flaking altogether on calling them back (cheating on my commitments) 

And not surprisingly during that time was when I was seeing a man who I got that sinking feeling with that I was not the only woman. It was a horrible feeling but you see, energy is energy and only when I was able to peel back the layers of my deeper pain and ask the deeper questions of my Soul was I able to begin shifting the pattern and changing my life for the better! I started paying better attention to my money and how I treated it; I broke up with the man who refused to put in the extra effort to see me and I made sure to say yes only to the commitments I knew I could keep. My friendships blossomed, my energy, bank account and confidence soared and best of all, I started to actually like myself again. And it’s a cool thing. When you like you, others do too, and when you love you, well, watch out! Because love is on its way!

It starts by taking it back to YOU.


Action Item:

Whatever is annoying you about a certain person or situation this week, ask yourself:

1. “How am I treating myself the exact same way?

2. What is one thing I can do to turn that around today?”

Look at all the areas of your life until you can find at least one place to shift. Take one simple action to repair the damage and be gentle with yourself. You’ve got this. It’s time to SPARKLE!


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