How to Stay In Your Own Energy in LOVE (The Lipstick Tube technique)

Q: “Diana, I tend to be really empathic with the people I am closest to. If you are sad, then I match them and become sad. And if they are happy, then I am happy.
What can I do to stay in my own energy and not be so affected by other people’s emotions?”

This is a GREAT question and in today’s video you will learn:

  • An unconventional energy technique to help you clear out negative energy and stay present in your relationships

(it involves lipstick…I’m so serious!)

  • Feel less burdened by other people’s heavy emotions
  • De-stress and stay sane in public places without feeling like you have to run for cover energetically!

Watch it below:



What do YOU do to help you manage your emotions?

Share your insights below!

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