do you have energy leaks? how to know + what to do to increase your happiness ASAP

Want more happiness?

Want that hot guy or gal to notice you?

Want to put something out into the world but feel held back?

A great place to start: Plug Up Your Energy Leaks!

Energy leaks are quite simply places in your life that hold stuck energy…maybe because you haven’t acted on something you know you need to act on, or it could be a statement where you told yourself one thing you’d do one thing but did another (or didn’t do anything at all!). Also, quite literally, it can be something as simple as having a leaky faucet (that is symbolic of opportunities escaping your life!)

The cost of energy leaks:

When we don’t plug up our energy leaks, you have less energy, you may have trouble sleeping and being mentally alert for the important things in your life. You may feel uninspired to finish a project that means a lot to you and from an energetic perspective, you limit the amount of love, opportunities  and financial prosperity that wants to come your way!

The good news is that once you identify where you may be leaking energy, you can take the steps to plug them up!

Some common and not so common examples of energy leaks my clients have shared with me and some easy fixes:

  • Not paying a bill or invoice on time (pay in full or create a payment plan to take care of it)
  • Keeping a sweater that you got as a gift that you never liked, but you feel guilty to give away (have a release ritual around it and give it away girlfriend!)
  • Texting an ex when you’re lonely and giving them hope that there is a chance of reconciliation when there isn’t. (Um, just say no. Delete their number.)
  • For entrepreneurs: Holding onto business partnerships or clients that are less than ideal (Have “the talk” or send that email…your cash flow will likely increase as you attract ideal people!)
  • Keeping old pens that don’t work (Throw them out!)
  • Broken clocks or watches that don’t work (really, broken anything-fix it or toss it!)
  • Telling a friend you would send them a resource and forgetting to (that’s an easy fix-send it already! you’ll feel so much better!)
  • Making an appointment with a friend/doctor/coach/family member and failing to show up or reschedule (Apologize and reschedule if you can!)

Do any of the above ring a bell?

What about the little energy leaks you tell yourself?

They are just as detrimental to your capacity to receive what you’re asking for. Some I hear:

  • Saying you’re working out today and when your i-phone reminder goes off, you blow it off and watch netflix because you “deserve a break.” (I’m guilty!)
  • Telling yourself you’re going to ask a friend for the money she owes you but when the moment comes, you don’t say anything because you don’t want to be “mean.”
  • Saying yes to going to an event that you know you’re never going to go to (but you don’t want to be seen as “not a team player”)

All this stuff costs us valuable energy.

But it’s all within your control, even though it may bring up some temporary anxiety, fear or insecurity.

Q: So…for this week’s challenge, I want you to tell me in the comments: What is one energy leak you’ve identified in your life?

What step are you going to take to plug it up?

Be brave Goddess!

This is your time to show yourself and the Universe that you’re serious about changing your life, one step at a time!

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