how to release negative energy so you can rock your relationships

Happy Wed!

Have you ever found it hard to communicate because of all this trapped emotion inside of you?

They may not even be your emotions but if they aren’t given a place to be released or expressed, this energy has nowhere to go and you can easily shut down in relationships or feel weird/blocked.

This happened with a client of mine who, like many of us, was never given the green light in her childhood to have her own feelings.

She was taught to please others and to keep her emotions at bay.

When it came time to form adult relationships with men, she had a tendency to shut down or feel afraid that they would leave if she expressed her needs and desires.

She quickly picked up on the tool I’m about to share with you and began, for the first time, to feel safe in her body.

To feel safe to express herself (even when she feels afraid).

And she’s now attracting the attention of high-quality men who value and see her for the radiant Goddess she is!

Even if you are in a relationship, this tool can help you to sift through difficult emotions so you can think clearly and be heard.

Ready to learn it?

Q: What happened when you tried this? Share with us in the comments!

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