is it a deposit or a withdrawal?

Happy Wednesday!

Today (April 15th) is tax day for many of us in the US and it got me thinking about relationships.

How in any given relationship, we are either gaining energy and enjoyment/insight or losing energy.

Kind of like money.

The relationships that drain you are like overdraft withdrawals in your checking account.

They feel like you’re well…overdrawn energetically.

Resentment, annoyance, frustration, etc can come up because deep down, some part of you knows that the exchange feels ‘off’ in some way.

And the ones that lift you up feel like deposits-they add life and value to your life.

NOTE: I’m not saying that every single interaction with someone has to be you giving or you receiving all the time-it’s about how you feel in your body.

There are times when our “output” to others feels natural and loving and it energizes you.

But that’s different than giving or engaging with someone who is constantly taking and giving nothing to you back in terms of joy, engagement, etc.

Does that make sense?

Apply it this week: Examine the relationships in your life. If you like specifics, let’s go with 3 people.

Q: On the scale of deposits to overdraft withdrawals, how would you rate that relationship?

What changes do you want to make to bring it more into balance?

Share with me by hitting reply or leaving a comment on the blog.

Here’s to joyful connections and more life!

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