i have a weird issue (Q+A time!)

It’s Q+A week, where I take questions that come up in our fabulous community.

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Today’s is about self-sabotage…and too many dates.

Q: Diana, I have a weird issue. I have more than 4 dates booked this week and I know I should feel really excited but all I want to do is have some alone time with myself. I’ve been saying I want more dates and now I have them and I feel like I’m sabotaging. What should I do? 

Even if you are not currently dating, this applies to all commitments you are making to yourself and others, so check out the advice in this week’s video! 

Prefer to read? I also include my written answer below

A: This is not a weird issue-thank you for asking and sharing this!

First off, just want to acknowledge you for creating what you said you wanted-4 dates in a week is amazing! And I also hear a lot of self-judgement-whenever we use the word “should” that’s a cue to look at-what could be happening and what can easily happen when we get flooded with awesome invitations, but we haven’t made self-care a priority is this low-level feeling of resentment, which may be what you are experiencing. It’s less about the guys you’re booking dates with and more highlighting that you need to carve out alone/recharge time before you agree to dates. We only have a finite amount of energy in any given day or week, so making sure you are filling your own energetic bucket first is key! My recommendation is to look at your calendar and block off 1-2 days or even half days that are just for you. I call these Flow Days but basically that is your sacred time. No dates or other appointments get scheduled during those times unless you have the energy and want to. This will protect your energy, fill up your tank and make it much easier to say yes to those awesome dates!

Much love,

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